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The purpose of this blog is to promote what I call “teaching-inspired management,” which includes building on psychology, neuroscience, and other learning sciences, as well as my long experience as a teacher, to promote good, useful, productive, and people-centered management.  It’s also about bringing the lessons of management back to teachers, especially professors, to improve their work with students.

My one-minute resumé:

I’ve taught for more than ten years, both in and out of the academic system.  I was a tutor at my undergraduate institution, then moved to Kaplan Test Prep, where I was a teacher and tutor (of SAT, GRE, GMAT, and LSAT, among others) and was selected as the teacher trainer for the Charleston, SC area.  In that job I recruited, trained, and mentored the instructors for all the courses offered by the center, including everything from PSAT preparation for middle schoolers to graduate and post-graduate exams and licensing tests for medical and other professionals.  I’ve taught writing, reading, college preparation, literature, and second language (international) English at the college level for more than five years; just in terms of writing courses, I’ve taught more than 1200 students and graded more than 10,000 papers!

I’ve also managed in many capacities, most having to do with education (see the reference to teacher recruitment and training above, but also all the management that goes into planning, developing, delivering, assessing, and revising lesson plans, activities, papers, and student development for ten-plus years).  As a grad student, I organized student groups, including a graduate student association that brought in speakers from all over the university and all over the state, organized workshops and teams/groups for writing, reading, and time- and self-management, and created databases of information for future students.  Years ago, when I worked in food service, I also managed for Papa John’s pizza and did customer service in the coffee business (I still love getting up before everyone else and getting energetic about the day, something I learned when slinging coffee at 6 am).

But if you really want to know what drives me, it’s the kind of project I’ve been doing for the past two years or so: finding and collaborating with people in a variety of fields (microbiology, studio arts, sociology, nursing, and others) to improve teaching, writing, and student/employee and self-management through workshops, publications, and research (studying team work and conducting interviews).  This blog is largely the result of this more recent work; in-person collaborations have turned out to be so fruitful that I wanted to expand the reach of what I’ve learned.

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